No More Religion



I was raised as a Baptist Christian and later on in life a non-denominational Christian, but as life transpired I quickly saw that just going to church was not going to cut it. I saw the most debaucherous things go on at church and developed an apprehension towards the falseness that I saw played out each Sunday. Tradition has its place but if a life is to be transformed, one must have a spiritual connection to what they believe in. For a while in college, I identified as agnostic as I did not feel like God had a hand in much, you just lived life and hoped for the best.  I saw evil girls I grew up with prosper and have great lives and “good” people died and experienced great losses and this made no sense to me.  A good “god” would never let things like this happen? Right? No, not really. Good and bad are relative terms and both will happen to everyone in life.  Realizing this,  I began to seek God on a different level, looking for him in everything, even other religions Gasp!. I understand that I can believe in Christ yet get wisdom from Buddha or Malcolm X or Rick Warren or any other prophet that can offer true perspective on how to live this life.  It doesn’t take away from Christ dying for my sins. Christ is real to me and I live my life in perspective to his sacrifice, often failing, which religion deems unacceptable. God made me a flawed being and I am in constant metamorphosis in order to try to become a better person.  At the root of all I have learned, I understand that in order to live a higher life, one must give to others, this is a reoccurring theme in all spiritual trains of thoughts…giving to others to focus less on self.  I am not fully there yet, but I hope to be one day, without the aid of religious dogma.


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